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Microsoft's Home Page
  1. Microsoft Advanced Technology division
  2. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia
  3. Microsoft Focus on K-12
  4. Microsoft Internet Central - MSN, The Microsoft Network
  5. Microsoft Knowledge Base
  6. Microsoft MSDN OffRamp
  7. WinInsider - News and information about Microsoft's latest .NET and Windows technologies, with daily updates, and other cool site features.

  1. - This site has a wealth of information, focusing on solving problems and eliminating annoyances with all modern versions of Microsoft Windows.
  2. Microsoft Windows XP Home Page
  3. - Dedicated to improving and customizing XP. Tweaks are for the user interface, system performance, and the Internet.
  4. WindowsXP Central
  5. Windows XP Superguide - C|NET Software
  6. Windows XP Tips - PC Buyer's Guide
  7. ZDNet: Windows XP - News, features, guides, tours, and feedback.


  1. Microsoft Windows 2000 Home Page - Windows 2000 Edition Home Page
  2. SearchWin2000: The Windows NT/2000-Specific Portal - Windows NT/Windows 2000 Specific Search Engine
  3. TechWeb: Windows 2000 News, Analysis and Reviews

  1. Microsoft Windows ME Home Page - Windows Millennium Edition Home Page
  2. Windows ME Superguide - assistance with ME from C|NET

  1. 98lite: - "98lite lets you customize your installation of Windows 98 to shave a hefty 38 MB off the footprint. All the junk, such as welcome sequences, listed ISPs, and fat movie files can be individually deselected from the install. You can even take off Internet Explorer - so much for integration.... Active Desktop and Connection Wizard, which few people really want, can be left on the CD and not your hard disk. This app makes a Windows 98 installation the customizable experience it always should have been."
  2. Absolute WinInfo - "Your source for the best Windows 98 information."
  3. alt.windows98
  4. Don't Miss the Hidden Utilities in Windows98
  5. Make Windows 98 Act the Way You Want - PC World
  6. Microsoft Windows98 Homepage
  7. Taking Windows 98 For a Test-Drive
  8. The Ultimate Guide to Windows 98 - ZDNet Reviews and Tips
  9. The Upgrade Question: Win98 Now or NT 5 Later? - PC World
  10. Windows 98 Tips and Tricks - help desk for Windows 98.

  1. - the 32 bit operating system center
  2. 43 Free Win 95 Secrets
  3. Adobe's Acrobat "Amber" Reader - For Windows 95 and Windows NT
  4. Animated Startup Logo for Windows 95 - Instructions on how to create an animated startup logo replacement for windows 95.
  5. Bob Cerelli's Windows Page
  6. - Usenet Windows 95 Group
  7. - Usenet Windows 95 Group
  8. Dale's Windows 95 Themes Page- links to Windows95 Themes, as well as instructions and hints on making your own themes.
  9. Debbie's Themes and Wallpaper
  11. Galt Shareware Zone
  12. Kermit 95 - 32-bit native communications software for Windows 95 and Windows NT
  13. Malek's Win95 Tips Page
  14. Process Software's Windows 95 Archive
  15. Screen Saver Haven - Collection of screen saver
  16. Sgt. Pepper's Windows95 Theme
  18. Stroud's Consummate Winsock Applications
  19. The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
  20. Win95 Stuff - Registery Tips, Software and lots of Links
  21. Windows95 Annoyances
  22. Windows 95 Manual Online
  23. Windows 95 Themes - Huge alphabetical archive of downloadable desktop themes for Windows 95. Everything from The Addams Family to ZZ Top is catered for!
  24. WindoWatch - "The Windows Magazine of the Internet"
  26. WinSite Archive, The


  1. Beverly Hills Software NT Resource Center
  2. Geo's NT Tips - a page of both 4.0 and 3.51 tips, updated very frequently
  3. JSI, Inc.- NT Resources
  4. Microsoft Windows NT Server Homepage at Microsoft
  5. Microsoft Windows NT Workstation Homepage at Microsoft
  6. Microsoft Windows NT Magazine
  7. NT FAQ
  8. NT ToolBox - "dedicated to providing one central, structured informative starting point to issues directly affecting the Windows NT/Windows 2000 community
  9. - Windows NT Software
  10. Networking with NT 4.0 Workstation
  11. Paperbits Support Center for Windows NT
  12. Windows NT Resource - a page which is constantly updated. It contains a large number of basic NT tips and tricks, plus tools and other resources.
  13. Workstation NT Web Site

WINDOWS MISC SITES PC Computer Shortcut Keys - Shortcut keys are created to allow easier maneuverability in and between application using your keyboard. This site provides listings of different shortcut keys for basic windows environments as well as major programs. These keys help you get the most out of your programs and get to where you need to go the fastest way available. 
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