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Troubleshooting Windows 98

Communication Tips

Viewing Available IRQ's
Increase Modem Speed In Windows 98
View Your TCP/IP Configuration
Trace Internet Routes
Automatic Re-dialing
Stop Automatic Dialing
How to Speed-up your connecting time
Get disconnected frequently? Try this:
New DUN 4.0
Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade

Fine Tune Windows 98

Remove the Speaker Icon from the Tray
Change the size of Icons on your Desktop
Change Icon spacing on your Desktop
Change the color of your Title Bar
Select your Monitor
Change the Refresh rate of your Graphical Adapter
Adding Notepad to Send To
Multiple File Registrations
Prevent a CD-ROM from automatically launching
Turn off the Recycle Bin's delete confirmation prompt
Prevent programs from changing your File Associations
Adding a File Type to the NEW Menu
Quickly clear the (Recent) Documents Menu
Turning off Password at startup
Adding cascading menus to the Start Menu
Restore Windows 95 like cascading menus to the Start Menu
Turn off Window Animation
Turn off Menu Animation
Display start up Menu without pressing F8 on start up
Change the name of your Recycle Bin
Get rid of Shortcut Arrow
Log on automatically at System Startup
One Click Shut Down or Restart
Saving Memory by adjusting your CD-ROM Cache
Cool Hardware Diagnostic Tool!
Clear the Run Menu
Deleting Files without moving them to the Recycle Bin
Removing Programs listed in the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs Section
Change the Start-up and Log off screens
Play a Midi File on Startup
Windows 98 Easter Egg; the easy way
Remove Run-command from Start Menu
Remove Documents Folder from Start Menu
Remove Favorites Folder from Start menu
Remove the "Log Off user" from the Start menu
Remove Find components from the Start menu
Remove Find Folder from Start Menu
Remove the Recycle Bin from the Desktop
Remove All Icons from your Desktop
Getting rid of those annoying Tool Tips
Change Color Depth wihout restarting
Preview Media Files (in Windows Explorer)
Display Attributes Column in Windows Explorer - Details View
Preview your Image files
Compressing the Windows 98 Registry
Customizing ScanReg
System Configuration Utility
Improving Performance
Using DMA (Bus Mastering)
Optimizing Removable Disk Drive Performance
How to Enable ACPI Support in Windows 98

Getting Started With Windows 98

Upgrading to Windows 98 - a Guide
Upgrading to Windows 98 Second Edition
Running 100MHz FSB with VIA or MVP3 Chip
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
Setup Command-Line Switches
Dual-Boot Windows 98 & Windows 95
Create a Startup Disk with FAT32 Support
Starting in "DOS" mode
Set the System Time, Date and Time Zone
See the current Date
Using the SHIFT Key
Microsoft "Enhanced" Keyboard and Windows 98
Right-Click with the Keyboard
Explorer Shortcut Keys
Move or Copy files with ease
Setting Default Explorer View
Customize Integration Mode
View Folders as Web Page
Make Toolbars from your Folders
Make a Cascading My Computer Toolbar
Show Small Icons on Toolbar
Change the Default Folder Background
Changing the Sort order in Explorer
Disk Tools
Disk Cleanup
Using System File Checker
Maintenance Wizard
Dr. Watson
Using Automatic Skip Driver
Version Conflict Manager
Using ScanReg
Restore Full System Backup with the System Recovery Wizard
Windows 98 Resource Kit Sampler
Quick Restart of Windows 98
Contents of the Msdos.sys file
Show all files
Print Screen with Windows 98
Viewing IRQ's, I/O, DMA and Memory usage
Quickly Open Device Manager
Print Configuration Summary
Log File Viewer
Moving and Re-sizing the Taskbar
Line up your Icons
Go to a Folder Quickly
Changing the Location of Win98 Installation Files


Remove Version number from the Desktop
Remove My Documents folder from the Desktop
Troubleshooting Power Management problems
Windows 98 Second Edition Hangs During Suspend
LoadPowerProfile is Listed Twice in System Configuration > Startup
Windows does not Automatically Power Down my Computer
Restore Suspend option
Open and Explore options on Start Menu are disabled
Office 97 SR-1 / SR-2 Info
How to Check for a Faulty Math Coprocessor
SU00xx Error messages
CAB File Errors During Windows 98 Setup
Install Plus! for Windows 95 Pinball
Uninstalling updated Device drivers, system patches, or hot fixes
Troubleshooting Video problems
My Desktop Icons are Constantly Refreshing
PC Card Power Management: Modem not found ready
Internet Explorer 4 error: "An internal error occurred in the Windows Internet extensions"
Unable to Connect to Secure Web Page Using Internet Explorer
Troubleshooting Windows 98 Startup Problems and Error Messages
Where is MS Fax?
Problems with Hard Disk Controller After Upgrading to Windows 98
Unable to Access CD-ROM Drive After Installing Windows 98
Bad Cluster(s) prevent converting to FAT32
"Not enough memory" message when converting to FAT32
Winmodem Problems
Internet Explorer keeps telling me "New version of IE available"
Lost preview of *.JPG in Windows Explorer
Thumbnail Views Not Displayed for Some File Types
Windows Update - Save to Disk
Disable warning when viewing as Web Page
Kill (Netscape's) AOL Instant Messenger
How to remove the Shop button from Netscape Communicator 4.7
Msgsrv32 Errors
Suspend or Stand by option missing from Shutdown menu
New Power Management Troubleshooter Tool
DUN does not start Automatically
Problems running ScanDisk and Defrag
Netscape Communicator 4.5 changes search engine in Internet Explorer
Problems Accessing Windows Update
How do I know which Windows 98 Updates are Installed?
How do Change the Interval of the Windows Critical Update Notification
Dial-Up Networking won't remember your Password
Dial-Up Networking Errors
Troubleshooting Windows 98 Networking
Internet Explorer Proxy Settings Change After Computer Restart
No Windows or Network logon dialog box
Internet Explorer 4 Error Message: Overlapped I/O Operation Is in Progress
Kernel32.dll errors caused by IEXPLORE
Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll Errors
Kernel32.dll Errors
General Protection Fault in Module Dibeng.dll
Fatal Exception 0E Errors
Runtime 216 Errors
Seagate Medalist Pro 7200 RPM fails to work in UDMA mode
Modem Attempts to Dial when Windows Starts
SCSI Setup & Basic SCSI Troubleshooting in Windows
Unable to Install Y2K Update
Euro Support Issues
How to Disable Microsoft's Registration Wizard
Windows Update Not Working after Internet Explorer 5 Upgrade
Internet Explorer 5.01 won't update to use 128-bit encryption
"Hard Disk Is Low on Disk Space" Message
Start- and Favorites Menu Not Listed in Alphabetical Order
Cannot Use CabView to View Contents of Cabinet Files
No information displayed in MSINFO
Device Manager Error Codes
"There Are No Spare Stack Pages" Error
Warning: Your License for This Pre-Release Software Has Expired
Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music
Windows 98 Second Edition Update doesn't update Internet Explorer 5
Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Problems
Windows 98 Second Edition Hangs During Suspend
USB Devices May Not Work in Windows 98 Second Edition
"Drive W" icons appear in Windows Explorer

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